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YES LORD Witness Wear
makes it so "simple" to
 share Jesus with others!

Here's How!

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It's So Simple!
We have designed YES LORD Witness Wear as a
tool to make it simple for you to share JESUS.

Here's How!
Using the logo on your YES LORD Witness Wear, you
can explain to someone in a simple way how they
can accept JESUS as their personal Savior.

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Gold - For the beauty of heaven with its streets of gold. This will be our eternal home. John 14:2
Navy - For the darkness and sin in our lives. We all do things we shouldn't. This makes GOD sad. Romans 3:23
White - For cleansing, the moment we receive Jesus as our Savior. HE washes away all of our sins. Psalm 51:7
Red - For the blood JESUS shed for our sins, when HE died on the cross.  1 John 1:7
Green - For growing in our love relationship with JESUS. 2 Peter 3:18
YL - To say YES LORD and accept JESUS as your Savior. HE will forgive your sins and cleanse you so you can live a new life in HIM. This makes GOD happy.

Prayer: "Jesus, please forgive my sins. Come into my life and be my LORD."