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If you were directed to this page by an affiliate and wish to order any
items from YES LORD Word .com, click on the respective affiliate link below so they will get credit for your order.



 To be placed on this Affiliates List please follow instructions below.

Barbara Hoff Naples, FL  34109 Link CLICK HERE


Cristina Cruz Annandale, VA  22003 Link CLICK HERE


Jimmie Spurlock Columbus, OH  43211 Link CLICK HERE


Gene Naples, FL  34109 Link CLICK HERE


Boss Naples, FL  34109 Link CLICK HERE


Jill Cadenhead Crestview, FL  32539 Link CLICK HERE



To be add to this list send us an email by clicking HERE
Give us full information including name, address, phone and email where you arttend church
and when you invited JESUS into your heart.

Upon acceptance your link will be placed on this page and all you will need to do is tell those you send to our website to click on the Active Affiliates Button on the Home Page.  That will take them here. Tell them to click on  your name or organizations name so that you will get credit when they order.

Or you can email the link we will provide you with. By clicking on the link in your email it will take them to our online store and when they order you will receive credit when the order is completed.