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One of the seventy-one high school students that said YES LORD and prayed with Barbara to invite Jesus into his life was Ken.  Ken was a macho Football Captain who after inviting Jesus into his life was invited by Barbara to a Bible study at her home.  Since he was so macho and cool, she didn't think he would show up.  Much to her surprise he arrived for the study with two friends, all three with baseball caps on backwards and Ken said "I brought along Tommy and Eddie for you to tell about Jesus, too."  Both Tommy and Eddie invited Jesus into their lives that night.  Several weeks passed and Tommy said that he wanted to go to a party in another town.  Friend Ken the Football Captain said, "Don't go Tommy, there will be drinking."  Tommy ignored his friends advice and went.  When Ken found Tommy and picked him up and brought him home with him, Tommy was very drunk and ill.  He called Tommy's dad and asked what to do with Tommy, "Do you want me to take him to the hospital, he is really in bad shape?"  Tommy's dad told Ken "No" and said "Just let him sleep it off."  Ken stayed up with his friend Tommy most of the night, but dozed off.  When Ken awoke, he found Tommy dead.  Tommy had choked to death.

Ken was devastated.  He cried and cried and just didn't understand why this happened.  Tommy was his good friend and now he was gone.  Barbara spoke with Ken and shared that only God knows when we come and go.  The circumstances were irrelevant.  This was Tommy's time and God had taken him home.  She reminded Ken that it was his love for Tommy, just like Jesus love for us, that had him bring Tommy to the Bible study only a few weeks before, where Tommy said YES LORD and invited Jesus into his life.  At that instant Tommy's name was written in The Lamb's Book of Life.

When Tommy died he went to Heaven to be with Jesus.  Those of us here who have invited Jesus into our lives, know and have the assurance that when we die, that we also, will be with Jesus and Tommy for all eternity.  What a great day that will be!