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  Selected Testimony's


"Hi Barbara,  It's Patch Pattie of skywriting fame.  I can tell you when I asked Jesus to come into my life, because you were right there with me.  We were sitting on the beach on Singer Island, FL and you asked me if I had ever asked Jesus into my life.  I said no and I didn't know how.  You said you would help me and you did.  I began to cry and you told me I was supposed to.  You also said you knew you were coming over to the East Coast for me before you even came.  Of course I didn't really believe you and kept questioning your beliefs.  Shortly after that we all looked up in the sky to notice a skywriter leaving us a message.  We all started to try to guess what he was going to write.  No one could have been more surprised than me when the message said "U + GOD = Eternity" and then "Jesus Loves You!"  Well we knew it was divine intervention.  Some of us are harder to break through to, so HE had to put it in writing for me.  Anyway I just got a chance to check out your site, saw your picture and Gene's and thought I'd say Hi.  Love, Pattie" 


"This is a grand idea, folks!  Here is my testimony:  I was raised as an only child, since my parents had lost one at six years old.  I guess I pretty much had my own way which carried into my adulthood.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer I decided we would be in the 40 percent that would make it.  But soon I discovered that I was not in charge as I had been with the rest of my life before!  While watching a church service one Sunday, I cried out to GOD, asking healing for my husband, but also asking forgiveness for sin, and invited JESUS to be my savior.  I couldn't see the changes right away, but I gained a strength that was not mine!  I had always feared death, and now GOD held me in HIS hand as my husband received JESUS and went on to live with HIM.  It was the best decision of my life.  GOD continues to mold and make me, and I am glad to let HIM!  Won't you come to JESUS?  HE loves you and has a plan for your life too!" 


"After seeing a video with the little girl I was babysitting, and losing an animal that was very close to me, I decided it was time to turn my life around.  Although I am unable to visit church due to my parents' religious choices, I want to open my heart to Jesus and let Him know that I love Him., and I owe Him my life.  I do have a Bible at home, and can't wait to open it up and begin my journey to enlightenment.

Tonight, on the night of September 30th, 2003, I will open my heart to Jesus.  I live in Ontario, Canada, in a town that isn't very religious - my family is not religious at all, I  have never stepped foot in a church, but I love Jesus and can't wait to have Him as a larger part of my life.  Thank you for providing a prayer and information on opening my heart to Jesus and the Christian religion.  You have taken a large part in the changing of my life."