BOOK-GG-SBP-1 - God's Gang - Second Birthday Party

BOOK-GG-SBP-1 - God's Gang - Second Birthday Party
God's Gang "The Second Birthday Party"

This is the first book in the "God's Gang" series by Author - Barbara A Hoff

"Froggy" and God's Gang - Learn "What Does God Say?"

"Froggy" who rides on Tyler's Red Hat is the "Spirit" that instructs the Gang in "What Does God Say?" Tyler, Maddi, and The Cat plus Annie Raggs, Erline, Snowflake, Benjamin and Ivory make the characters come alive.

"Froggy" and the God's Gang series is designed to teach children "What Does God Say?" about various subjects such as "What's up with honor your Father and Mother."

The "God's Gang" series is excellent for Sunday School programs, Vacation Bible School and after school Bible Studies.

If you would like more information about the "God's Gang" series email barbaraahoff@yeslordworld.com

"Froggy" and the "God's Gang Song" with words by Barbara and music and voice by Rob Hannon are copyright protected on this site as well as You Tube. Each book will contain a CD of the "God's Gang Song"

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